Line ID Room Character Line Voice Direction Trigger Context
1001 Briefing Room Recorded Voice Hello group 34B, and welcome to Dungeon Depot, Bland Game start Intro recording played in the conference room
1002 Briefing Room Recorded Voice home to all things dank, dark, and demonic.     for new testers.
1003 Briefing Room Recorded Voice Thank you for joining our alpha testing program,      
1004 Briefing Room Recorded Voice where your feedback is important to us.      
1005 Briefing Room Recorded Voice Please wait while we connect you with      
1006 Briefing Room Recorded Voice a representative to your guide you through the test.      
1007 Briefing Room Recorded Voice And please do enjoy!      
1008 Briefing Room Roger Couldn’t even beat the first boss…sheesh. Disgruntled   Unenthused guide arrives.
1009 Briefing Room Distant Voice You’re on!      
1010 Briefing Room Roger Oh! Surprised    
1011 Briefing Room Roger Hello group…uh…54 – no, 34B. Lost   Unprepared.
1012 Briefing Room Roger My name is Roger Uninterested    
1013 Briefing Room Roger and Welcome testers to your first day at Dungeon Depot.      
1014 Briefing Room Roger We’re going to start this test with a brief presentation.      
1015 Briefing Room Roger Look, slides I get paid to make. Mocking   Slides are on the wall for testers to see.
1016 Briefing Room Roger What is a dungeon? Bored    
1017 Briefing Room Roger Rooms, monsters, darkness, treasure, and most of all you. Bored    
1018 Briefing Room Roger Rooms: places with the stuff. Bored   Roger cares less,
1019 Briefing Room Roger Monsters: guys that do the stuff. Bored   and less.
1020 Briefing Room Roger Darkness: the spooky stuff. Bored   Eventually the only word on the slides is
1021 Briefing Room Roger Treasure: shiny stuff. Bored   "stuff."
1022 Briefing Room Roger Explorers: loser stuff. Bored   Losers in large font is displayed on the slide.
1023 Briefing Room Distant Voice Roger!     Superviser yelling at Roger.
1024 Briefing Room Roger All right, all right.      
1025 Briefing Room Roger This is not a dungeon.      
1026 Briefing Room Roger This is not you.      
1027 Briefing Room Roger This is a visual representation of an arbitrary formula     A picture of a dungeon and a tester.
1028 Briefing Room Roger that involves you and a dungeon.     "duneon + tester"
1029 Briefing Room Roger Together, you and the dungeon form a…     equals…
1030 Briefing Room Roger do I really have to say this?     (fungeon).
1031 Briefing Room Distant Voice Do you really want to keep your job? Annoyed    
1032 Briefing Room Roger Not really. Honest    
1033 Briefing Room Distant Voice Roger! Angry    
1034 Briefing Room Roger Together, you and the dungeon form a fungeon.      
1035 Briefing Room Roger Your goal is to go through the fungeon,     Wants to get it over with.
1036 Briefing Room Roger beat up monsters, pickup loot, and kick boss-butt.      
1037 Briefing Room Roger The dungeon you’re testing today has two wings.      
1038 Briefing Room Roger On the right there is the Labyrinthine Fortress of Stygian Desire,      
1039 Briefing Room Roger and on the left is Left Dungeon.      
1040 Briefing Room Roger If I need to explain this diagram then it’s already game over. Condesending   Simple diagram of dungeon w/ rooms.
1041 Briefing Room Roger Before you get to your dungeon crawl,      
1042 Briefing Room Roger all new testers must go through mandatory training.      
1043 Briefing Room Roger Okay testers, let’s just get a move on. Pushy    
1044 Briefing Room Roger The door is in the upper left corner of the room.      
1045 Decision Hallway Roger Like I said, new testers,      
1046 Decision Hallway Roger please continue to the right to begin your training.      
1047 Decision Hallway Roger Wait! You’ve been here before? Shock Players go left  
1048 Decision Hallway Roger Why didn’t you say so?   1047  
1049 Decision Hallway Roger We’ll be out of here in no time. Hopeful 1048  
1050 Decision Hallway Roger Chop, chop. Pushy Players go right  
1051 Decision Hallway Roger In case you weren’t paying attention,   4D loop; 2nd visit Players have returned to the hallway
1052 Decision Hallway Roger you’re back at the beginning.     after having completed training.
1053 Decision Hallway Roger This is our 4D mechanic at work.      
1054 Decision Hallway Roger I’d tell you to enjoy yourself doing the same tutorial      
1055 Decision Hallway Roger a hundred times, but I kind of want to go.      
1056 Decision Hallway Roger So…let’s speed this up. Rush    
1057 Decision Hallway Roger You figured out our secret huh? Normal Secret Loop Easter Egg.
1058 Decision Hallway Roger I’ve got to say I’m impressed, Grim 1058  
1059 Decision Hallway Roger after all, you are the only test group to find it so far. Grim 1059  
1060 Decision Hallway Roger Well you asked for it. Grim 1060  
1061 Decision Hallway Roger Go to the hub room – no more training for you. Grim 1061  
1062 Dummy Room Roger Welcome to training for dummies, with a dummy…   Entering the room There's a training dummy in the room.
1063 Dummy Room Roger haha Deadpan    
1064 Dummy Room Roger All right, everyone grab a weapon.      
1065 Dummy Room Roger Lesson number one: the light attack.   All players have weapons  
1066 Dummy Room Roger If you remember from your training manual,      
1067 Dummy Room Roger which I’m sure you read, Doubtful    
1068 Dummy Room Roger each weapon has two potential swings while light-attacking.      
1069 Dummy Room Roger We’ve provided you with a dummy to beat up,      
1070 Dummy Room Roger he’s a faceless figure      
1071 Dummy Room Roger in order to remove any emotional consequences.      
1072 Dummy Room Roger Enjoy.     Text appers telling players how to light attack.
1073 Dummy Room Roger Lesson number two: heavy attack.   At least one player has light attacked  
1074 Dummy Room Roger Now that you’ve beaten our dummy Steve to a pulp,      
1075 Dummy Room Roger you’ve completed the combat portion of your mandatory training.      
1076 Dummy Room Roger You may proceed, or you may mourn Steve, Blaming    
1077 Dummy Room Roger who will shortly be terminated thanks to your handiwork. Blaming    
1078 Dummy Room Roger Please proceed.     Door to next room opens,
1079 Movement Room Roger Welcome to the cardio segment of mandatory training,   Entering the room  
1080 Movement Room Roger and no, this isn’t a standard gym.      
1081 Movement Room Roger The goal is to avoid being crushed by the nouveau treadmill.     The "treadmill" is a hallway where one wall is repeatedly smashing into its opposite.
1082 Movement Room Roger I suggest you run…or not. Apathetic    
1083 Movement Room Roger Your call really.      
1084 Movement Room Roger Tough luck sport. Mocking A player is crushed by the wall  
1085 Movement Room Roger Good job with the treadmill, Mocking Players make it past the "treadmill"  
1086 Movement Room Roger but keep an eye on your stamina when you run.      
1087 Movement Room Roger Next up in the Dungeon Depot Gym pyro plyos.     A wall of fire is in front of the players
1088 Movement Room Roger What will the devs think of next? Unamused    
1089 Movement Room Roger This time running won’t cut it.      
1090 Movement Room Roger You’ll need to dash.      
1091 Movement Room Roger Congratulations, Deadpan Players have dashed through the firewalls  
1092 Movement Room Roger your blood, sweat, and probable tears Wishing    
1093 Movement Room Roger indicate you’ve completed the mandatory cardio training.      
1094 Movement Room Roger Onward minions! Demanding   Door to the next room opens.
1095 Darkness Room Roger Hello darkness my old – oh. Reminiscing Lights turn off Players have entered a new room.
1096 Darkness Room Roger Playtest data confirms you are afraid of the dark,      
1097 Darkness Room Roger so we’ve acquired a fellowship incentive device,      
1098 Darkness Room Roger better known as Niva,     Niva, a fay torch joins the testers.
1099 Darkness Room Roger to light your way throughout the dungeon.      
1100 Darkness Room Roger Everyone say hello to Niva.      
1101 Darkness Room Roger Now everyone brace yourselves for my wrath. Grim   The floor is about to be lit on fire.
1102 Darkness Room Roger Niva can also heal you when you’re black and blue,    Floor has been lit on fire  
1103 Darkness Room Roger if you want her to.      
1104 Darkness Room Roger Do so now.      
1105 Darkness Room Roger When you get healed, Niva loses some watts,   At least one player heals  
1106 Darkness Room Roger but don’t worry, she’ll never go dark.      
1107 Darkness Room Roger Let’s move along and give Niva some more juice.     Door to next room opens.
1108 Torch Room Roger Playtest data has also confirmed you love playing with fire.   Entering the room  
1109 Torch Room Roger Find the torches around this room,     Players must light all the torches in the room to proceed.
1110 Torch Room Roger and become the pyromaniac you’re being paid to be.      
1111 Torch Room Roger Every torch you light will be used later      
1112 Torch Room Roger to turn Steve and his loving family to ash. Blaming    
1113 Torch Room Roger On a brighter note, for every torch you light,      
1114 Torch Room Roger Niva also regains some of her power,      
1115 Torch Room Roger which you soulless husks have already learned to steal from her.      
1116 Torch Room Roger Finish lighting the torches so we all, Steve included, can move on. Serious    
1117 Real Combat Room Roger Here, you can see an assortment of enemies you’ll find later:   Entering the room Players have enterd a new room.
1118 Real Combat Room Roger Dr. Dynamite, Mr. Fire Horn Cannon, and the lovable Ms. Punch. Disappointed    
1119 Real Combat Room Roger We’re introducing the Attack Diamond for this round of testing,      
1120 Real Combat Room Roger not quite sold on the name yet. Sarcastic    
1121 Real Combat Room Roger Congratulations, you didn’t die ten the last group. Half-hearted All enemies have been defeated  
1122 Real Combat Room Roger Yay. Deadpan    
1123 Real Combat Room Roger Carry on…my wayward bunch.     Door to the next room opens.
1124 Environmental Room Roger For this portion of the mandatory training,   Entering the room  
1125 Environmental Room Roger I’m going to have to ask you to ignore the      
1126 Environmental Room Roger overwhelmingly suspicious fire around the switch and move on.     A false floor is in front of players and it falls when they walk towards it.
1127 Environmental Room Roger As much fun as it would be for you to fall      
1128 Environmental Room Roger into an unavoidable pit placed by an anonymous testing dummy, Angry False floor falls  
1129 Environmental Room Roger and call it quits right here, the show must go on.     The fire is extinguished.
1130 Environmental Room Roger Pull the switch and shake a leg.      
1131 Environmental Room Roger Oh, and please, only one person needs to pull the switch. Serious    
1132 Environmental Room Roger I don’t want to be here any longer      
1133 Environmental Room Roger than either of our contracts require.     Pulling the switch extends a bridge.
1134 First Break Room Roger Welcome to the break room.   Entering the room  
1135 First Break Room Roger Relax, grab a snack, and...what’s that?      
1136 First Break Room Roger There’s no snacks? Irritated    
1137 First Break Room Roger Dammit Ted, those were for testers. Irritated    
1138 First Break Room Roger Alright go check the fridge.      
1139 First Break Room Roger Yes, Ted, they did enjoy your sweet, sweet tuna melt. Mocking    
1140 First Break Room Roger Now for the real fun...geon. Shamefully    
1141 First Break Room Roger I didn’t want to say that.      
1142 First Break Room Roger It’s in my contract. Embarrassed    
1143 First Break Room Roger J–just get going. Embarrassed    
1144 Hub Entrance Roger We’re moving on to the hub room right now.   Entering the room  
1145 Hub Entrance Roger If you can’t tell by the name, you’ll become quite familiar with it.     There's a statue holding giant torch.
1146 Hub Room Roger This is the “Hub” room.   Lighting the torch The entire room lights up, revealing a chasm with two giant doors on the other side.
1147 Hub Room Roger Just as a reminder,      
1148 Hub Room Roger your goal is to beat the boss on the other side of those doors.      
1149 Hub Room Roger Unless you figure out a way to fly, or turn off your colliders, Snarky    
1150 Hub Room Roger you’ll have to defeat the Left Dungeon,      
1151 Hub Room Roger and the Labyrinth of Stygian Desires to the right.      
1152 Hub Room Roger Only then will you get to fight      
1153 Hub Room Roger to be determined boss name as a reward tier on kickstarter. Deadpan    
1154 Hub Room Roger You can just call him the final boss.      
1155 Boss #1's Room Roger Hold on.   Enter the room Players are locked in the opening to the larger room.
1156 Boss #1's Room Roger Before you go any further you should know:      
1157 Boss #1's Room Roger this is the first boss.      
1158 Boss #1's Room Roger I doubt you’ll get past her, Condesending    
1159 Boss #1's Room Roger but don’t worry you’re not paid on completion.      
1160 Boss #1's Room Roger You’re not paid by the hour either so get a move on. Pushy   The opening unlocks.
1161 Boss #1's Room Recorded Voice Congratulations! Deadpan Players defeat the boss  
1162 Boss #1's Break Room Roger Welcome back to the break room. Inviting Enter the room The same break room from the end of training.
1163 Boss #1's Break Room Roger Go ahead and check out the fridge if you’re hungry.      
1164 Boss #1's Break Room Roger I’m pretty sure I didn’t store my meal in there,      
1165 Boss #1's Break Room Roger so just feel free to take anything you find.      
1166 Boss #1's Break Room Roger You might spot another of Ted’s tasty melts      
1167 Boss #1's Break Room Roger if you look hard enough.      
1168 Boss #1's Break Room Roger Also, enjoy these quality weapons      
1169 Boss #1's Break Room Roger as a reward for defeating MB_Prototype1.      
1170 Hub Room Roger And back to square one, the Hub.   Return to the hub for the first time  
1171 Hub Room Roger Check out that fancy visual representation of your progress.     A bridge extends across half the chasm's gap.
1172 Hub Room Roger It cost 20-man hours work, so you better enjoy it. Demanding    
1173 Hub Room Roger Now, back to the grind.      
1174 Boss #2's Room Roger All right, this boss is a toughie   Enter the room Players are locked in the opening to the larger room.
1175 Boss #2's Room Roger so don’t feel down if she gets the best of you.      
1176 Boss #2's Room Roger My advice is don’t get hit. Blunt    
1177 Boss #2's Room Roger That seems to work for all the testers      
1178 Boss #2's Room Roger who make it out of this room in one piece.     The opening unlocks.
1179 Boss #2's Room Recorded Voice Congratulations! Deadpan Players defeat the boss  
1180 Boss #2's Break Room Roger Behold, the break room. Inviting    
1181 Boss #2's Break Room Roger Bad news: your favorite sandwich peddler is out of melts.      
1182 Boss #2's Break Room Roger Good news: tomorrow’s his birthday,      
1183 Boss #2's Break Room Roger and if you like chocolate Bavarian cream cake      
1184 Boss #2's Break Room Roger he doesn’t ever need to know it was there.      
1185 Hub Room Roger You’ve completed   Return to the hub for the second time Another bridge extends, meeting the other, allowing the cham to be crossed.
1186 Hub Room Roger the visual progression indicator portion of the dungeon.      
1187 Hub Room Roger Please rate us on our progression feedback mechanic.      
1188 Hub Room Roger You rated our progression feedback mechanic 5 out of 5.      
1189 Hub Room Roger Dungeon Depot appreciates your feedback, thank you.      
1190 Hub Room Roger It’s time to face your dungeon tester destiny.      
1191 Hub Room Roger The final boss is waiting.      
1192 Final Boss Room Roger Now for the finale. Serious Enter the room Players take a long and spiraling path down a hidden cavern to arrive in the largest and darkest room yet.
1193 Final Boss Room Roger Based on your previous performance,      
1194 Final Boss Room Roger I don’t have high confidence you’ll make it out alive. Condesending    
1195 Final Boss Room Roger We don’t want you to die without some sort of reward,      
1196 Final Boss Room Roger especially since we already prepared it, so here you go. Indifferent    
1197 Final Boss Room Roger Remember,      
1198 Final Boss Room Roger here at Dungeon Depot      
1199 Final Boss Room Roger we value each and every one of your deaths.      
1200 Final Boss Room Recorded Voice Yaaay! Deadpan   Fireworks begin to go off.
1201 Final Boss Room Recorded Voice Woo! Deadpan    
1202 Final Boss Room Recorded Voice Congrats! Deadpan    
1203 Final Boss Room Recorded Voice You’re the best! Deadpan    
1204 Final Boss Room Roger You may now proceed to your timely demise, Smug    
1205 Final Boss Room Roger and my long overdue emancipation.      
1206 Final Boss Room Roger Oh and Steve sends his regards. Blaming    
1207 Final Boss Room Roger Whelp, honestly didn’t think you’d make it.   Players defeat the boss  
1208 Final Boss Room Roger Sorry, I kind of wasted the celebration earlier. Genuine    
1209 Final Boss Room Roger Wait a sec, I think we might have one left.     One last firework weakly pops.
1210 Final Boss Room Roger Uhhh, hold on.      
1211 Final Boss Room Roger Let’s see if I can get something else.      
1212 Final Boss Room Roger After all this is the first time anyone’s beat the dungeon.     Pause after this line for a few seconds.
1213 Final Boss Room Roger So I know I blew the celebration earlier, Sincere    
1214 Final Boss Room Roger but I’ve got a surprise for you.      
1215 Final Boss Room Roger I think you’re really going to like it.      
1216 Exit Hallway Roger Go on, your surprise is in there, you deserve it. Sincere Enter the hallway A door can be seen at the end of the hallway.
1217 Exit Hallway Roger Surprise! Deceitful Players walk into the dark room The room is dark, and after players take a few steps in a light turns on revealing Steve.
1218 Exit Hallway Roger We knew how choked up you were about Steve      
1219 Exit Hallway Roger and the whole getting him sent to the incinerator business.      
1220 Exit Hallway Roger Or maybe you weren’t… Grim    
1221 Exit Hallway Roger maybe we filled Steve with confetti, Grim    
1222 Exit Hallway Roger maybe you’re just a jerk if you try to hit him again. Grim    
1223 Exit Hallway Roger Who’s to say really? Grim    
1224 Exit Hallway Roger Take your time, but do remember we’re done here…      
1225 Exit Hallway Roger so unless you want to sit in an office room      
1226 Exit Hallway Roger with a dummy all afternoon, you might want to leave. Pushy    
1227 Last Hallway Roger That must have meant the world to Steve. Deceitful Players exit the room with Steve Players enter a hallway with a bright light at the end.
1228 Last Hallway Roger He’ll cherish it for as long as he – oh my.      
1229 Last Hallway Roger We’ll that was the sound of his soul being burnt to a crisp Deceitful    
1230 Last Hallway Roger and all of his memory with it.      
1231 Last Hallway Roger I’m sorry for your loss. Deceitful    
1232 Last Hallway Roger Thanks for choosing Dungeon Depot, Indifferent Begin to exit Players enter a tremendously bright light.
1233 Last Hallway Roger you can expect your check in 3-5 business years.