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CJ Payne, Jordan Ellis, Matthew Yan

SpawnIt is a tool for Unity that can spawn game objects. It can accommodate scripted and procedural spawning with simple or complex behavior. This tool was designed with user-experience and workflow at its core. SpawnIt makes your work easier by helping you quickly generate content.

Scripted Spawner

How it Works

Scripted spawning allows you to spawn game objects in a data-driven deterministic way. This kind of spawning is most frequently used in campaign modes, raids, and most static encounters. You provide spawners with variables such as what to spawn, how many of the spawnable object it can spawn in total, the time between spawns, and much more.

Procedural Spawner

How it Works

Fuzzy spawning allows you to spawn objects based on data-driven rules in a dynamic way. This kind of spawning is used in games like Left 4 Dead. You define variables, terms, and rules for how you want game objects to spawn and it evaluates your rules through fuzzy logic.


CJ Payne  – Designer & Producer
  • Design functionality of SpawnIt (how spawning works, data-driven variables, implementation logic)
  • Prototype core functionality
  • Establishing editor-side/front-end workflow in Unity
  • Wireframing UX for using tool in editor
  • Product and task planning
  • System features implementation
Jordan Ellis – AI Programmer / UI Programmer
  • Scripted Spawner implementation
  • UI implementation
  • Spawnable Object Serialization
Matthew Yan – AI Programmer / Graphics Programmer
  • Procedural Spawner implementation
  • Fuzzy Logic implementation
  • User-defined string-based rules