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Lead Designer & Prodcuer – Bear King (September 2015 – May 2016)

Rafflesia is a sci-fi first-person shooter where players assume the role of two exterminators that take on the biggest problems. A colossal corpse flower has taken over a sewage treatment plant and has to be stopped before the surrounding metropolis is destroyed. Get ready to take on an enemy of gigantic proportions inside a deadly sewer.

  • Create simple yet refreshing¬†behavior for enemy AI that could be used as building blocks
  • Hone in on the game feel in order to make¬†the controls, enemies, and environment incredibly responsive, intuitive, and communicative
  • Implement level content and systems in custom engine including: enemy behavior, enemy stats, collision, lighting, level triggers, models, animations, and cinematics
  • Lead team meetings, planned milestone schedules, prepared presentation materials, and communicated art goals to tech team for easy integration


Gameplay Design

Gameplay Programming

Level Design


Systems Design