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Associate Producer – Camouflaj (June 2015 – October 2015)

République is a stealth game where your goal is to get Hope out of Metamorphosis, a fledgling nation tucked away from the rest of the world, crippled by censorship, and in the palm of the Overseer.

  • Managed playtest schedule, contacted playtesters, and verified functional build for each playtest
  • Actively tracked issues and what wass working well during the playtest, with a strong focus on design using Excel/Google Sheets
  • Wrote notes for all issues that happened during playtests and tracked the occurrence rate of issues across all playtests
  • Evaluated playtests to determine which issues are actionable, grabbed screenshots or clips from recording and time stamp, and turn the resolution for each issue into a bug or task in Jira
  • Triaged with design leads, art lead, programmer, and senior producer to discuss bugs and tasks made each week
  • Attended design meetings to ensure results from playtests are actively being reflected in the design team’s iteration and help provide solutions to problems
  • Advocated for the player experience by identifying core player types and expectations resulting in improved introductions to mechanics, level design, and overall experience


Design Consultation

Playtest Analysis